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Baby Joaquin's 1st Birthday, why hire a cake smash photographer?!?

You may ask, why hire a cake smash photographer? In a nutshell, to avoid the unnecessary stress!

Trust me I have been there; I have personally done my own kiddos session or two in the past but it is always mayhem. Back then you would have found me still learning how to control my entry level DSLR camera along with attempting to find the best lighting that would help me render those beautiful images I would dream of, let alone having them listen to me! And we have not even touched base on creating a beautiful scenery for the photo session, I'm sweating just thinking about those times I did do there sessions. Now don't get me wrong I am most grateful that I endured that craziness for without that I wouldn't be where I am today.

One year old in a bucket prop for his 1st birthday photo session I  Montgomery, IL cake smash photographer

Which is documenting your family's priceless memories. From being your maternity photographer, newborn photographer and for your to then return back to me to be your kiddos cake smash photographer as I document your kiddos grand milestone of turning ONE. All these grand moments fill me with greatest joy as I get to take away all that unnecessary stress I once felt myself!

Baby boy laying down in set up for his cake smash photoshoot I  Montgomery, IL cake smash photographer

I make this experience super easy for you; reach out to me with your theme or vision in mind and I will get to work in creating a unique & wonderful set for your kiddo to shine in. Have no ideas no worries I am full of them, we would set up a quick phone call to chat more of what you would want for your kiddos special birthday and then we move on to scheduling.

first trip around the sun photoshoot for cute baby boy with props I  Montgomery, IL cake smash photographer

I do recommend to reach out well in advance of when you'll need your pictures ready by; as it does take me some time to formulate my plan, order &/or make the products needed to produce these results. Keep in mind my editing turnaround time is 4 weeks for which I typically recommend for 1st birthday photoshoot to take place when baby is 11 months old.

a boy and his smash cake for his photoshoot  I  Illinois cake smash photographer

After we chat, schedule and then finalize the theme I go to work. This is the best part YOU don't have to do anything to prepare the set, I have all the props for your kiddo to sit in for there initial portrait moment, the cake stand for the cake you decide to bring (typically a white 6in naked cake suffices), the adorable claw foot tub for the smash photoshoot portion and remember the biggest of it all I will have the entire backdrop set up with tangible props in my home-studio located in Montgomery, IL. All this in addition to me slowly interacting with your kiddo allowing him to warm up to me and also giving them breaks in between for mom/dad snuggles is how I make this the best experience you will ever have.

baby boy in suspenders smashing his 1st birthday cake for his birthday photoshoot  I  Montgomery, IL cake smash photographer

But don't take my word for it, let me include this little cutie's mom's personal review on her experience with me:

'WOW!! I loved the turn out of the pictures. Jessica is super talented and very patient. Not only did she welcome my little family into her home with open arms, she also provided the best hospitality. At first, I was very nervous because I didn’t know how my little one would handle the session, but the moment we arrived the the studio, Jessica eased my nerves. She was very hands on with my little one and also took the time to get to know us during the session. I highly recommend booking with Jessica!!

Jessica truly captured phenomenal images that left my entire family in awe of her work. She’s great with the camera, and her work clearly shows it! We will continue booking with Jessica for as long as she continues to do photography. Thank you!!" ☺️ -Bustamante Family

 baby boy in a tub for 1st birthday photoshoot  I  Chicago, IL cake smash photographer

Look you have already done all those long sleepless nights, all the feedings & diaper changes; now it is your turn to sit back and let me help you. This should be a fun experience as you get to see and enjoy your little one smash into his/her cake and then after that sugar rush splash away in the most adorable tub I have available for your kiddo. Let me do all the work and clean up so all you are left to do is cherish these fleeting moments that come by so fast!


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