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About Me

I fell in love with photography while in the darkroom of my high school photography class. It has always been a part of me but it didn't take off 'till the birth of my first son, which of course was my first model.  my crazy dream of one day being able to create special photographic memories for others wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my Logan.


Throughout the years I have taken courses  & done extensive research to learn how to manipulate the camera & do what I envision. I work hard to create your vision and meet my standards. My attention to  detail is very much due to my first career as a Registered Dental Hygienist. My 14 years in the  field has taught me what I believe are great attributes in the photography realm. It has given me great customer service ideals, understanding of color & lighting {which is critical in photography} along with patience.


Though most of my patience, if not all, is credited to my beautiful kids. My youngest little princess, Alina, is 2.5 years old. her independence, sweet but strong character leaves me in aww all times. Above all she teaches me to be in the moment and be creative, she is quite the artist as well. But above all who has taught me patience and so much more is my eldest, Logan.


When I first picked up my DSLR & started practicing with my son I had dreams to start my photography business but something unpredictable occurred that required my undivided attention. My son started early intervention at the age of 2 and fast forward to age 4 he was diagnosed with Autism. All those years of therapy leading up to his diagnosis were pivotal for his current successes.  He currently receives more than 20+ hours of therapy. He has come a long way but will continue to need constant therapy for his future to  be, we hope, as "normal" as possible.


Therapy does not come without a price; the need to fight for my son's therapy was fused with my creative bone, passion for Photography and with the support of my husband I decided to pursue my dream.  if it wasn't for my kids alogs Photography by Jessica would not be what it is now. that is why there names will forever be intertwined with my photos; so for anyone that was curious why alogs?  Let me explain al represents my daughter, Alina, while logs represents my son, Logan. You put both together & that is how we get alogs!


Please take a moment to see my portfolio & if you see what you like contact me so we can start bringing your photographic ideas come to life, no ideas no worries I have a lot of them but you must trust me! I promise photographic memories for years to come:)


Rest assure that your investment is going for a good cause. Taking pictures never felt so good than now;)

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