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Frequently asked questions
  • When is the best time to schedule a newborn session? The best time to schedule your newborn session is while pregnant, ideally during your second trimester. Reason being that I only reserve 4 slots per month to accommodate unpredictable due dates and as a result I am able to guarantee a dedicated session for your special session with me. 

  • Is there a deposit/booking fee required to book? How does it work to schedule when babies come at there own time? Upon scheduling I do require a $200 non-refundable creative fee to reserve your newborn session slot. This is when I pencil in your due date and upon arrival of your little one we make an adjustment as needed.

  • When or how to inform you baby has been born? When baby has made there grand entrance into this  world I ask that you message me right away so I can look over my schedule and schedule you out in the recommended timeline.

  • At what age are newborn sessions done and why? It is best to do the newborn session as little as possible (ideally 7-14 days old) this of course is just a guideline to get those dreamy posy/looks;) If need be I can do sessions up to 4 weeks old but at that point I can't guarantee some poses for as babies are older they are less flexible and less sleepy (usually).

  • How much time do newborn sessions take? and where do they take place? On average up to 3 hours. This amount of time is dedicated to be able to accommodate for feedings, diaper changes & comfort if need be. Due to the amount of time dedicated to these sessions I highly encourage not to schedule any doctor appointments after the session so you are not pressed for time &/or stressed as babies feed of off our energy. I have a cozy dedicated studio out of my home; most people have told me that this gives them comfort upon entering my home. This is where I will welcome you and your little bundle of joy with a warm & toasty room that resembles the conditions familiar to him/her; what once was your womb. 

  • Do Newborn sessions really take that long? Newborns are unpredictable and while some don't need all the time mentioned above others may need the entire session. Above all baby is the boss and if they need more comforting I am all in along with the most important aspect, SAFETY! When we rush is when mistakes can be made and my priority is to keep your baby safe at all times and if baby needs more time as I mentioned before baby is the boss and I am here to accommodate what each baby needs.

  • What happens if baby doesn't cooperate? No worries I have taken many courses on learning tricks that provide comfort and encourage sleep for them to be at peace and then I continue the magic of posing them into those adorable poses that you will cherish for many years. I also only do sessions at 10am for in my many years of specializing in newborns my experience is that at that time renders the most content babies as they have not been overstimulated from a long day. Being my sessions take place during the weekdays when I capture family moments I accommodate that portion in the beginning of the session where families typically make arrangements to drive there school-age kids to school so they can be both part of there family moment but also be at school.

  • How long after a session can I expect my images/products, and do I get to pick my own images? Galleries are soft-edited with a few fully edited images to give you an idea of what the final product would look like.  After 1 week we will set up for a zoom meeting to review all the tender moments captured and for you to finalize your selections and pick your hand crafted products.

  • How do I get my images/products and do I have printing rights? Upon your choices I then finalize the edits on the images selected and if albums are selected I creatively design the layout of such with you beautiful images; this typically can take 1-2 weeks. Then I submit the order to the professional lab where I will get a timeline of when to expect the delivery of your products; typically 2-3 weeks. Once I have your products on hand I will arrange a time to drop off your timeless photographic memories. You will be granted printing rights up to 8x10 on the images you selected for your products. 

  • Do I need to bring anything? Simple answer is, BABY;) No, all kidding aside I want to make this as stress-free is possible so I have curated my collection over many years to have the best props, outfits and softest beautiful wraps to swaddle your little one. Unless you have a cherished memento you wish to incorporate you don't have to worry about ordering/buying &/or bringing anything. If you do plan on bringing something I just ask that you send me images of such so I can coordinate it best with the set ups I style for your session.


twin baby girl and baby girl cutely posed and all done in the comfort of my studio in Montgomery, IL captured by me the baby whisperer photographer serving the Chicagoland area for 7 years that goes by Alogsphotography
baby fingers with teddy all done in the comfort of my studio in Montgomery, IL captured by me the baby whisperer photographer serving the Chicagoland area for 7 years that goes by Alogsphotography
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