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"Turning your baby photos into timeless moments; What to Anticipate in Your Newborn Posed Studio Photoshoot"

When mom reached out to schedule her newborn session I surprised her in scheduling a quick phone call wanted so we can chat a bit about what she was envisioning for this session. I love getting on the phone as I want you to get to know me as I feel it is very important to get to know who will handle your most precious creation; you want the person handling your baby to be one you trust!

newborn baby boy photoshoot with family supporting baby montgomery, IL

Mom gave me full reign in creating the majority of the set ups as her main goal was to capture his newness during the newborn stage, that is ever so fleeting. While he will never ever be this little again she will now forever have these photographs to look back at whenever and forever. Often times I get parents coming into the studio not wanting to be part of the session and after much convincing, if I am not successful, I at least sneak in moments like these where I pose them to render a timeless & special moment! Look how tiny he was in there hands!

Christmas baby photos  Montgomery IL studio session

The only request she had for me was this image set up, she had seen from my social media gallery. As always baby safety is always priority and in this particular pose I make sure the baby's head is supported well by making sure the wrap is supporting along with his tiny fingers under his chin that not only add a cuteness element but support for his head. In addition, because one can not ever be too safe with babies, I had dad inches away lending a hand and only taking his hand off when snapping the picture!

baby boy sleeping with santa prop photos Montgomery IL

Since baby was born around Christmas time I could not resist in using one of my Santa props that went perfectly with this winter tiny outfit I have available from my collection, seeing your babies in my outfits and looking just perfect with stuffies like this one bring me so much joy. When you entrust me with your photography sessions, I don't just deliver timeless memories; I am committed to crafting a remarkable experience. From the moment you choose me, my goal is to alleviate any stress, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable process. I take pride in providing an array of props, cozy swaddles, and high-quality outfits, so you can simply focus on bringing your precious bundle of joy to the session! Discover the art of Newborn posed studio baby photos for your next photoshoot.

baby boy photos in blue wrap while sleeping in tiny basket Montgomery IL

It was a pure delight to have met this cutie and a true honor to have been chosen to be there newborn photographer and I can't wait to see little Miguel Angel grown up at his future milestone session so we can capture more memories!


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