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Love will conquer all

A new way of living has crept into our normal way of doing what we used to do and it has changed us forever! From zoom hangouts with our friends and families to birthday parades! Who would have fathom that to be part of our new normal...I would have not if you had asked me 3 months ago!

Our nature is a lot more social than one who would have realized and this social distancing has put that into perspective. We seek comfort in a warm hug and the energy one receives with a touch. When we gathered together to celebrate a special occasion that energy is so uplifting. While we used to be able to do that in person we have been pushed to think outside the box and be creative to find other ways to feed our social needs. While we may not like the circumstances that have brought us to those alternatives it has been astonishing to see what we are all capable of!!!

The power of love is quite magical and this couple is a testament of that and to what I mentioned above!

Today would have been their Wedding day where I would have had the honor to capture not only there special day but their families and friends all coming together in one place to celebrate their wedding day!

I would have captured the excitement of the bridesmaids as they see their best friend getting ready all while celebrating with her! I would have captured the emotion, the anticipation of the groom anxiously awaiting to see his bride for the first time during their first look. Then their declaration of love to each other while their marriage is blessed at the altar with their family & friends as witnesses! To conclude I would have captured all the emotional congratulatory hugs and tears of joy for these two lovebirds!

The lively party to celebrate the union of two people, who wants to spend the rest of their lives loving each other, is quite magical and while I am sad we are not all there to celebrate such joyous occasion I am looking forward to doing it when we can all be together as this couple had planned.

As I mentioned above the power of love within this couple is like no other, they did not skip a beat and thought outside the box. Within hours of their city court closing they rushed to get in just in time to make their marriage legal. They then in an unplanned intimate setting had their marriage blessed by God. This stay at home order was not going to ruin their plans, they pushed thru and made a solution of what could have been a sorrowful occasion. They set a new date for when it would be safe for their entire family & friends to come together and we could all celebrate their union as they deserve!

While we may be doing something new from what we had planned this couple proves to us that this stay at home order can be sweeter when we spend it with our loved ones!!! Enjoy the little things in life, for those can be just as magical if not more as what we have gotten used to! May we embrace this new normal like this couple did and allow love to conquer it all!!!

These images were taken at her bridal shower at a time where we had no idea what the future held for everyone there and around us! I was welcomed into her life with open arms and I am so happy I was able to capture this for them. It may not be what they anticipated as their Wedding Day memory but I hope I can put a smile on them with these photographic memories where I was able to capture a portion of their wedding guests! Once again never underestimate the power of a photograph!

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