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Welcome to the Alogs Blog!

I would like to introduce this blog to share my approach to photography and what it means to me. With every photography session I have I get to know my clients and have realized that there is always a story to tell. Whether it's a session for a family portrait, a wedding event, an engagement, a maternity or a newborn they are all unique and special in there own way!

I love to immerse myself in the moment and try to understand how the clients are feeling and try my best to capture that. People take pictures to freeze moments in time so they can later look back and remember the feelings they felt when they look at them. That is so true for me, my mommy brain is always getting the best of me & I definitely come across pictures I have taken & they definitely take me back in time.

Have you ever found yourself remembering an event that happened in the past because you smelled a rose or someones cooking that triggered a memory???

Well photography can be the same!

When you look back at a photograph of your newborn baby you don't just see a photograph, you remember how you felt when you first hugged them, kissed them and that alluring newborn scent (let's never remember the bad smells our little ones can produce, lol)...and then before you realize it your newborn turns one and then a high school senior ready to take on the world. Alright, lets not get ahead of ourselves and lets make sure to capture the snuggles they unconditionally give us now. These are all lovely moments I love to capture. I want to capture you candidly loving on your little one(s)!

Or you found the love of your life and are now engaged and want your love story to be captured both as an engaged couple and as husband and wife! Your first magical kiss and dance should not be forgotten. While I makes sure to capture the formal "look at the camera & smile" shots, I am also in the search for those candid shots that are essential to fill in the blanks of your ethereal love story-these are my favorite!

Life as we know it goes by in a flash (don't we all know it!) so capture the moments and allow me to share these moments with you. I am here to turn your memories into a photographic memory for you to look back for years to come!

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Beautiful work by a beautiful pictures ever!

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