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Alyssa's glamorous Maternity photoshoot

I love when mom's-to-be reach out to me to schedule there maternity photoshoot!

Look I get it pregnancy is not always glamorous; between all the changes our body goes thru and the multitude symptoms that come along with it leaves us not always feeling our best. Nonetheless being able to create life within us is magical and that in itself is the main reason we should document this moment in our life! Welcome to Alyssa's glamorous maternity photoshoot.

Maternity with a sparkler background

I remember having my share of bad days while pregnant but looking back at my maternity images I am so glad I paid tribute to that amazing time in my life as those moments I will never get back. In seeing those images it has allowed me to always remember the good times I had in carrying my babies. Besides my kids always enjoy seeing those special moments while I nurtured them inside of me thru my maternity photographs.

Maternity with a water illusion

What you can expect while in session with me is the outmost professionalism along with caring for your comfort throughout your session. I make sure I guide you thru poses that are the outmost flattering for you but also give you variety from standing to laying on the floor. I truly want to make you feel like the goddess that you are and leave you with gorgeous memories of this grand time in your life!

Maternity mommy and me

With me you are able to include your kiddos & your significant other during your maternity photoshoot, they sure make for tender memorable moments!

Maternity forehead kiss

All my maternity clients get to choose beautiful gowns from my complimentary maternity wardrobe; it's the perfect touch to compliment you for this joyous occasion!

Due to my schedule it is best to schedule your glamorous maternity session soon after your 2nd trimester for your session to take place when you would be between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. This ideal as the baby bump truly takes shape but you are not too late into your pregnancy where you could risk going into labor early and miss your moment to capture your pregnancy.

Maternity baby bump top view

Look forward to capturing the pregnancy glow in the most beautiful way possible for all pregnant women while making them feel beyond special for they are true goddesses!


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